The Way of professional miners

26/01/2011 16:27


Since September 2005 I started to play EVE to play in Europe is serving miners, has learned some experience to write down and share them with you.

1. when I chose to create characters is the key to see the C family of his intelligence and memory, and other properties are also okay. First of all I 5 3 plus attribute wisdom, add 2 points memory. This property is of two miners most of the pace of upgrading the skills and select 4 memory, intelligence and memory so I reached the highest point. After the election like manufacturing, mining class after the election there are three miners Categories I chose the miners with refined skills.

2. the spacecraft entered the game first not to buy, nor is it hurriedly ran out, but to learn skills to buy three books (probably to 12W eve online isk) if the friend had no money to go out that money (to do the task, mining) money to buy learning skills quickly and increase intelligence, increase memory skills of three books, followed by the 3 book has got to level 4 about 2 days -3 days will be able to learn 4, after the rise of industrial skill level 5 mining skills to rise to 4, and then to the market of professional mining ship query 2 see it skills required, in accordance with the above said to learn the skills learned can be achieved .23 open 2 days of professional ship.

There are several points to note are: 1 Be careful thief stole mine, 2 accidental attack (do not think that more than 0.4 is safe) 3 Do not touch other people's temporary package.