This is My First Time by Bus and You Can With the Help of the DFO Gold to Level up Quickly

25/05/2011 13:30


Saturday, I want to go back to school to practice basketball. Mom can not send me something, decided to make my own bus. My mother gave me four dollars, said: "The time to go to two dollars on the line. On the bus do not just give money to the conductor, first find a seat to sit down and wait for salesperson to collect the money." And then accept four dollars, for out. Out of the door, remember not to ask my mother take a few road cars too! I ran back to ask her mother: "Mom, I should take a few road cars that way?" Mother said: "Seven bus ride." And so I went out, they pull me, told me to be careful.

I came to the intersection and saw only a few people in the other car. I was standing behind a bus far came, I saw, it was seven road cars! I quickly waved the car stopped next to us. Happens, there is a car seat, I sat down, and then press my mother said, so the conductor to collect the money. At this time, I suddenly found a lot of people looked at me, I thought: should primary school they have not seen their bus it! So many people look at me, I involuntarily tense up. The conductor came, all the money I gave a nervous her. The conductor smiled at me and said; "children, as long as two dollars on the line." I recovered, and then gave her two dollars. She gave me a ticket, said: "Do not throw away the ticket! It will be checked."

Along the way, someone came up one after another. I sat in the seat; suddenly saw an old lady got on carrying a child. I see no one to give her seat to quickly stand up and hold her over, let her sit on my position. I think the eyes look around more, I wonder: why should not seat it?

Finally go to the station. I got out; there is a little dizzy head. It turned out that bus is not as worrying as her mother said. I think what should be their own to experience a taste of them know it!

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