Tips for checking the galaxy and getting eve isk.

03/11/2010 15:54


1. A little tips for checking wether you're located in a safe galaxy or a dangerous one.

     A lot of people do not know how to tell if he is in a safe galaxy or a dangerous one, here are some easy ways to check the safety degrees of your locating galaxy: Let's select MAP button, then select one by one, and let the map show the safety degrees of all the galaxys in the Milky Way galaxy. Blue Green and Yellow indicates safe, all above 0.5. There are police protecting you, if you donot have red name. In these galaxy, if you get attached by others, police will help you to fight. Orange yellow , orange red , red or dark red indicated dangerous galaxys, all below 0.4. One attach anybody without caring about the police, for the police do not care about your fighting. But if you have less than 3 months experience or without any old hand to protect you, do not go to these areas.

2. How to get Eve isk?         

    Get your EVE Isk by selling minerals.There are also many people sell eve online isk. If you go to galaxys with 0.9 safety degrees, you can invest all your eve online isk to minerals and selling them and earn profit through better selling price. The most valuable minerals in galaxys within 0.5-1 safety degrees are Condence Scordite and Massive Scordite, productivity +5% and +10%. When you try to earn Eve isk in galaxy with 0.5 safety degree, you'd better get yourself armed. Because some time will meet pirates. Be careful.