Tips for Fatigue System in FFXIV

19/10/2010 10:35


FFXIV GIL is useful not only in buying various items but also in releasing fatigue for characters. Fatigue system is a unique part in FFXIV and players are curious about it. Here I will give you several tips about this fatigue system.

Physical Fatigue does not decrease unless you are logged out of the game or inactive. Skill Point fatigue decreases while you are playing a different class. After a week, all of your fatigue meters will reset. You can Buy FFXIV Gil to add your fatigue upper limit.

Essentially, Physical Levels become harder to gain the longer you stay logged in, while being able to expand in other classes is completely plausible. This was made so people would take breaks in order to lower their fatigue.

Playing for a few hours and then putting the game down to sleep and whatnot along with other things in your life, is a good way to manage fatigue. Say you break the 8th threshold and push all the way to receiving only 40% XP. It’s going be a lot harder to let that fatigue drop if you play on a regular but intense basis, seeing as how technically in game your character has no time to rest.

On the other hand, if you play casually, for like 3 to 4 hours a day and earn an exemplary amount of xp and say you only hit the 90 or 80% threshold, Just go to bed and finishing work the next day coming home, your fatigue will not suffer you any penalties because it will have decayed while you were logged out.

If you have known this fatigue system in details, I think you can combine your game play and rest very well so that you can work efficiently in this game with cheap ffxiv gil.