Tips for Players Fighting Against Marauder in FFXIV

24/08/2010 14:28


FFXIV GIL plays an important role in the game FFXIV, for you need it to choose your class and profession. Marauder is a fierce class in FFXIV, and his skills are not only strong, but also large-scale. In order to defend yourself, you need to Buy FFXIV Gil to obtain strong equipments. What’s more, you need to acquire the skills of Marauder. Here I list some of those skills.

First, it is Bloodbath. Revel in the blood of an enemy, converting a percentage of the damage dealt by your next successful attack into HP. Reuse timer is increased from 1:00 to 1:15, amount of health returned reduced from about 70% to about 50%. Ability still useful on other classes, but not the tide-turner it is when used on Marauder.

Second, it is Trunksplitter. Deliver a strong chop, increasing attack power and dealing slashing damage. Attack power is increased further against seedkin. Reuse timer is increased from 0:10 to 0:15. As far as I could tell the damage from the ability was not reduced, just an extra 5 seconds between uses. Still a great single target damage skill when moved to another class. Also great that on the Lancer the range of this skill was increased to the range of the lance.

The above two skills are just part of Marauder’s skills. If you really have a combat with this profession, remember to buy cheap ffxiv gil so that you could have enough money to buy medicines and good equipments.