Tips for Running a Raid in WOW

31/08/2010 13:28


Running a raid is an important task in WOW. Leaders should be responsible for WOW Gold and the raid when they fighting against Bosses. Here, I will not introduce you how to run a raid or how to Buy WOW Gold, but to tell you some unwritten rules when players run a raid. I think it must be useful.

First, if someone is being rude in your raid, cussing or yelling at people. Or if a DK has path of frost on before a big drop into water, that person needs to go if they don't stop after a warning. There is no reason to tolerate these actions.

Second, if someone leaves without warning, they don't get to come back. In some cases they just wanted to step out for a guild run of a quick instance or something, but if they leave without warning then they are done. They could not get WOW Money any more.

Third, if you know you need to find a replacement, try to have someone waiting to take that person's place. If that is not an option, then try to head back to a capital city while clearing trash so you can spam before the next boss. Just assign someone to be ML while you are away, that way if any trash loot drops it can be taken care of.

The above three points are useful in running a raid. And if you are interested in this, you could have a try and get to run a raid.