Tips for Silversmith in Ragnarok Online

26/10/2010 13:26


Silversmith is one of most profitable professions in Ragnarok Online and he is good at making euro zeny. That is to say, if you choose this profession, you just need to buy ro zeny in little amount and you can make many euro zeny as return. In order to provide players detailed information about Silversmith, I would like to give you some tips to make your game more exciting.

There are several kinds of Silvermith in this game, and I like two of them. One is SADV. This type of silversmiths is specially designed for cutting treasures. If you reach level 99, you can acquire 250+dodge, 12 shields and 188 aspd. What’s more, your hit rage is also higher than common silversmith. So you are suitable for difficult tasks. However, the fighting ability of SADV is weaker than GVG and its living ability is too low. If you want to pursue the limitation, you could get rid of V and put all points to A, and the final distribution points are S99, A88 and D48. I think it is strong enough to hunt treasure.

The other type of silversmith is SAVD. I like this type for it is good at both hunting treasure and GVD. If you set your point as S130, your output will be 100 lower than the above one. And the certain amount of V gives this type of Silversmith more interesting plays such as GVG and hunting bosses.

I think the comparison of above two types of Silversmith will give you more inspirations about which profession to choose. It is better to select profession according to your interest and your purposes.