Tips of Pets and Talents for Hunter in WOW

28/09/2010 13:09


Some players in WOW would like to choose Hunter as their profession to make cheap wow power leveling. There are several important elements to hunters. And among all these, pets and talents are obviously significant. Now I will give some tips for hunters to get fast wow leveling.

Pet is a key to a hunter. Without a pet you would have a lot of issues. Now that someone has completed the tame beast quest and has the ability they would probably think what pet I should get next. It is to get Boar for wow gold eu. Why Boar? First, they have decent armor a little disadvantage in the damage field. Most people new to hunters will often tame a bird or a cat. In my opinion that’s a big mistake. Cats offer less armor than boars at level 10. So when you hit level 30 or so get a gorilla with wow gold sale. They have increased armor and damage. They also have an AOE attack. Some thunder stomp spell. I’d suggest going with any pet that pleases you.

At level 10 you get your first talent point. It’s very exciting because I believe the first talent point you spend u could imagine what you would be like at the max level of that talent tree. So there are three main types of talents you can spec on, including survival, marksmanship, and beast mastery. With the above three talents, you could get your wow power level easily.

There are also other aspects of hunters. But I think the above two play important role in the growth of hunters. So I hope you could enjoy my guide.