Tips of Playing Dungeon in WOW

07/09/2010 13:19


Dungeons are good places for players to hunt Bosses, get wow goldand obtain treasures. So many players choose to make team or solo to go to dungeon. If you choose solo, you could get more cheap wow gold. But there are also some dangers in dungeons. So I will give some tips to you to play dungeons and get wow money.

If you are going to click skills to attack then get all your neat attacks out on the same bar, grouped next to each other. Do the same with your defensive moves and your buffs. You could also buy wow gold to increase the speed of your skill leveling.

Go to your paper doll, click on the wand, and pull it to your skill bar. This leaves the wand in your hand, but puts a copy of the icon on your skill bar. From then on, just click on a target and then the wand icon to begin wanding something to death.

Make sure that something you are wanding is the tank's target. To ensure this, make the tank your focus by right-clicking the tank's portrait and selecting the appropriate choice. Another pic of the tank will pop on screen as your focus. In that window will be a pic of the Tank's target. Click on monster's pic and then click on your wand icon to start shooting.

Since dungeons could bring players not only adventures but also cheap wow money, many players are fond of them. Are you one of them? I think the above tips are really useful to you.