Tips Players Need to Know about Trading in FFXIV

07/09/2010 13:14


FFXIV GIL is valuable in FFXIV. Players could Buy FFXIV Gil to buy many things in FFXIV games. In order to obtain so many wonderful items, players often sell some unnecessary items for cheap ffxiv gil in market. The following are some tips players need to know when they do business online.

According to the system regulation, sellers are ordered according to their prices. The cheapest ranked first. But your items are sold with price buyers have given. So here is a tip. For example, you want to sell an item for 400 gold. You could mark your price as 301. If the buyer searches 300 gold, he will find nothing. If he searches 400 gold, he will find your item rank first. Then he may choose your item and have to afford 400 gold to you. That makes your items easily to be sold.

When you want to bid a good, you’d better begin from the lowest price in trading record. That could avoid unnecessary waste. What’s more, you need to look the price clearly. Sometimes players mistake 300 as 3000 and afford 3000 to seller.

Just like in the real world, players could sell goods in the city which has no production of your selling goods. It is much more profitable.

Trading is a big subject in not only virtual games but also in the real world. I really hope my guide could be useful to all of you.