Tips to earn Dungeon Fighter gold

03/11/2010 15:54


Now DFO Gold is hard to earn, so here are some tips to earn more money:

1. Beat the cattle. There are now three and half cattle house, one is near 430.460, where too many people, but cattles are relatively few. The second is near 500.600,the same. The third is near 620.360. The last half is near 633.283. There are always two cattles here, dead then appear again, which is a good palace to own money. But if too many people, then lost its meaning.

2. Beat mad dogs. These mad dogs normally appear in Taiji Sword district, Thousand Years village and Jile cavern. Normally there are a lot of people here sell Dungeon Fighter Online gold. Since the dogs has strong attach power, but weak defence power, it can not only earn DFO Gold but also get upgraded.

3. Beat rhinoceros. There are three advantage through beating rhinoceros, owning Dungeon Fighter money, getting upgraded and raise your Admiraltys. So where there are rhinoceros, there are a lot of people beating them.

4. Beat ninjia. For one hour of beating ninjias, you can at least own more than 10,000 DFO Gold.

5. Artifacts. If you do not want make you tired of owning DFO Gold, and if believe that your internet is ok enough, then you may as well try to dash in Royal mausoleums and fox caves , hopefully you will be lucky.