To play 0.3 after 48 game playing hours

15/12/2010 09:48


This way is useful for freshmen who want to get Eve isk fast.

Establishing principle:

Emma, Cady, Electronic warrior.

Intelligence: 8, Charm:5, Perceptivity: 11, Memory: 7, Will power: 8

Empire Institute-operation-command-captain skills training.

4*Emma frigate, explosion control, 2*shooting, will power training, 2*leadership, mining, 2*small gunturret, spacecraft control skills training.

Finish the freshmen missions and buy some memory training, intelligence training and perceptivity training books, and practice to 2 levels by the order from memory, intelligence and perceptivity.

At the same time, do the other missions and find a agent called Aiyin, and do those mission in a string. When you have money, buy some electronics and mechanics and engineering, missile launching control and standard missile training skills. Those skills are elementary. And then remember buy a book called Science elementary and Industrial theory.

And then what you are mainly doing is making experience and eve online isk. If the money is not a problem, then buy a inspector and equip 3 missile launchers, and a civil thruster in the middle, to brush 1/10 and 1/20, completely kite , you can go when above 19KM, and remember keep the largest distance.

Buy a drawing called YAGU, and produce missile all by yourself.

When you are above 20KM, then you can go to planet below 0.5 safety degree.