Two-Handed Swords leveling drip

10/03/2011 09:01


dekaron Gold become more and more important in the game.

Leveling experience:

5 ago, took two right-handed weapons. A blink of an eye to the 5. 5-15 class, learning ax master, take one hand ax.

15 levels, you can go to the swamp, waving his hands in learning to master it. Take on two axes, about 25 immediate concern. As for attack skills, learning not to learn the so-called no.

In addition, the strength and agility to master certain to fill, speed up, restore energy and increase the attack skills are something to add to add. This map, unlike the mantis mantis, lobster, lobster is not something like, cost-effective.

Then it went in the dungeon, kill the little devil throwing fireballs or a few levels, you kill the flying fork of the devil, the mob is the best lunch for quite some time. Many higher than it did not experience it more than strange.

For the weapons, put on after the entire 30-level equipment. Layer 1 to the left of the dungeon bar area, there is blame to a maximum. Go there and kill the big fat man, as well as skeleton mage, which is 40 before the experience of the best. And a good fat to kill. Master attacks is also low.

These days, please add some balance point, and will not be willing to point increase in physical strength.

38 or so, go to Dungeon 2 floors, 2 large room is a good place, there are several small rooms, are suitable for single people waiting points, kill it, to point to a 42. Back to the city, washing points, buy the 42's two-handed, the best four holes, throw some stones in, shine out!