Uncle to Look at Cars in Front of the School and You Should Know the Importance of the Ragnarok Online Zeny

23/05/2011 16:16


Summer, a white waistcoat, a pair of black shoes, a green trousers. In winter, a military coat, he is to look at cars in front of our school uncle, I do not know how long he was in this work.

Every morning, when we ride to school, always saw the back of the familiar thin kept busy, helping the students to put a good bike orderly. When the students in the school class, he would quietly sit on a chair in front of the school, the school gate guarded carefully on both sides of the bike.

After school hours, students have to ride in his car to go after the uncle to look at cars on both sides of the school gate will not be uniform students placed in the car ride to go to the school gate, in order to be able to see the students out of doors.

Day after day, year after year, regardless of wind rain snow, no way cold or heat, uncle to look at cars a day will still stick to their positions in an unknown work. He is like a grass, like ordinary, not in the earth-shattering event, no one knows his name, he did not even noticed him, but he quietly, as always, we pay the.

In fact, life has many such people to see cars uncle, who quietly devote their own energy, given our lives to provide the assistance and convenience. We should find such a Road landscape, thanks to their pay, it is so ordinary people like Zhu Zhu grass, only make our lives full of green and hope.

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