What is a Man and Do You Prepare Some ro zeny

27/04/2011 13:50


Man, you can temporarily nothing, but you absolutely can not admit that this is permanent. You need to work hard, you need to use their wisdom to create what you can not have, you absolutely can not give people looked down upon.

Man, you can fall, but you have to learn to get back up again because you will be a lot of obstacles on the road, fall is always inevitable, but you have to learn to look at that as a stumbling block as a stepping stone, they make you fly higher, see farther.

Man, you can not love, but you must not lose their careers, without the feeling on the first, those are just unnecessary attachments. People do not envy you have a wonderful love, on the contrary, they will envy you have the perfect career, or even from the heart of jealousy.

Man, you must learn and inclusive atmosphere, and even forgiveness. Do not let little things and sad, life is not too short, upsets a lot of things, do not affect their feelings, and more do not go around angry.

Man, when you succeed, please do not forget your parents, you can not forget the Chinese tradition, filial piety. When you're difficult times, your parents is the first concern for you, and when you success, but also your parents proud of you first of all, remember that if you are free, go home to see parent and talk with them.

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