You Must Come Back, We Can’t Without You and Look for Different Ways to Make war of angels gold

16/05/2011 12:39


Person's life there are many memorable things, but for me the most memorable thing is that period of time we had together, remember? I said I will treasure our friendship, because I am not easy to find you know that a person of my heart, so we both cherish each other, we never quarreled with him, uttered unpleasant. So you say you want to transfer the day we are surprised.

Do you remember how we know it? We assigned a class teacher but also in a position where I think we will not be laughing come together because we share the same dark hair, with the same skinny build, with the same dark skin health, with the same talkative character. May my heart always have a strange feeling that you do not belong here.

Then we rose to the second grade, is also a class is no longer the same table, so I feel our distance farther away, because I am a perfectionist, so I think we can not be so good as before you see me upset because they feel it, you ran over to comfort me.

Then you have to transfer for family reasons, I am silent in bed one night and cried one night, one night did not sleep.

You will come back again and we meet? I will be waiting for you where we agreed.

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