You Only Live Once, Do Not Live too Tired, Go to buy Forsaken World Gold

18/04/2011 15:25


Only live once! This is common sense is often forgotten. Since you only live once, you should pay attention to point of "living law. " Why should they live so tired that he went to torture yourself?

Live too tired is actually heart tired. See the outstanding performance of others do not have to belly up jealous, jealous harmful to health. As long as you do what on the line.

Since only live once, you should live comfortable and live happy, live cool. Work too fast, too much stress, too feisty heart, life is too erratic, time is not long, mental and physical strength would collapse.

Comfortable to live, live happy, live smart, we must learn to be content, learn to go with the flow. Contentment, go with the flow is happiness. We and the rich, powerful, have the right of the people, are all human.

How big is your "energy", how many accomplishments capable, there should be a self-knowledge. Of course, we should strive to fight for glory when flat; and in the glorious time, we should also clearly see the mountains there, not "I best in the world. " This prevents the impetuous, to avoid the error. While promising to create brilliant, but often the production of a miracle caused by multiple factors, favorable factors plus the opportunity, like the lack of which can only be lost by the wayside, and it is called "Man proposes, God disposes"!

Make only a minor issue, do ordinary people to maintain peace of mind, the psychological balance, and if we can treat this the best mood every day, then we will be full of sunshine each day, filled with hope.

Only live once! Do not live too tired!

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